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@denim addict - great fit and wash. That 8X2 will never get old!
@straychev - go with your regular size, denim is thin and soft. Excellent choice, love that wash. Perfect for summer.
Thanks guys for very nice compliment!   @denim addict - I love your style, these Shioner's fits you great! @Gpoop - great jeans, love those! @Daaan - Sleenker fits you fantastic, your legs are made for skinny jeans! @straychev - thank you! Regarding your question, I personally don't like 8880M but I own 880M and absolutely love them!!! Just buy what you like more, if you like 880M better, than I highly recommend you to buy them, they're awesome! Also, 8880M are summer...
Thavar 880M, tnx Karacho
@getalonginated - love those Thavar's!! What size did you took, and what size are you usually? @denim addict - fantastic (out)fit dude, I like it very much!
 Thanks Aramis, your comments are always nice  Thanks straychev, his shirt is H&M actually :-)  Thank you, the wash looks really nice in person, but definitely not for everybody  Those Thavar's looks awesome on you, so you should think about Sleenker  Not better than yours, but thanks ;-)  Perfect as always! Also, @leftvapor - you're perfect as always, I like all combos!
Sleenker 824z (me) and Thavar 8x2 (my roomate)
Just a quick shot from car, sleenker 824z
hi zdenal, are those true to size?
Selling these cool light blue Replay jeans, cut Drouman. They have cool rivet on the left knee and on back pocket. Ideal for summer and spring! If you need more pics or anything else feel free to contact me!
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