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Long time haven't posted. Thavar 888P
Thanks guys!
@straychev - i have 888P, they're same like all other Thavars I have. Stick with your usual size
Nice summer weather, reason to wear 880M again
Straychev - i mean 880M don't know about 8880M, but 880M are really thin and soft. And perfect summer wash
@denim addict - great fit and wash. That 8X2 will never get old!
@straychev - go with your regular size, denim is thin and soft. Excellent choice, love that wash. Perfect for summer.
Thanks guys for very nice compliment!   @denim addict - I love your style, these Shioner's fits you great! @Gpoop - great jeans, love those! @Daaan - Sleenker fits you fantastic, your legs are made for skinny jeans! @straychev - thank you! Regarding your question, I personally don't like 8880M but I own 880M and absolutely love them!!! Just buy what you like more, if you like 880M better, than I highly recommend you to buy them, they're awesome! Also, 8880M are summer...
Thavar 880M, tnx Karacho
@getalonginated - love those Thavar's!! What size did you took, and what size are you usually? @denim addict - fantastic (out)fit dude, I like it very much!
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