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Jeanetic, love those Thavars! Today, I'm wearing Thavar 888P, and my friend is wearing Thavar 8B9
Sleenker 824Z Diesel jacket All Saints boots
Tepphar 830K    
Hey guys! I wear Zara only for work (suits, coats, shirts...) and the quality is very decent! The shoes are real leather and the quality is awesome! They are very comfy and looks very nice. The one I'm wearing with 8X2 are F/W 2014/2015, i bought them on sale and they were only 20 pounds :-) Actually, they are boots, real leather, so soft. It is true though that their jeans are absolute crap. Reg!
Thavar 8x2 Diesel tee All Saints jacket Zara shoes
Long time haven't posted. Thavar 888P
Thanks guys!
@straychev - i have 888P, they're same like all other Thavars I have. Stick with your usual size
Nice summer weather, reason to wear 880M again
Straychev - i mean 880M don't know about 8880M, but 880M are really thin and soft. And perfect summer wash
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