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I'm sure they'll do a good job, be sure to let us know and post pics! Just git my bleu foncrs back for the 2nd time, after tailoring the thighs this time, and now I love tgem. They fit perfect. Obviously it would've been nice if they fit right from the beginning, like with my 17.5cm's, but you live and learn. 19cm cut just isnt for me.
It's really just the thighs more than the top block, but I understand what you mean. We'll see how it goes. I wish I could just pull off the looser fit like others, like Bloom or Beckham.
So I got the Bleu Fonce 19's tapered, and they fit much better from the knee down. However they're still looser than I'd like in the thighs and top block. Wondering if I should get them altered (again) or if they still look good. I'm wondering, if I soaked them and threw them in the dryer, if they would shrink. I know that they usually just stretch back, but if they're loose to begin with maybe not? Could just be wishful thinking. EDIT: Here's the best fit pics I could...
I have a shoddy quality pic from my phone.   I found a well rated tailor and had them match the leg measurements of my 17.5cm Jakes which it perfect (thanks Jeanetic!)   Hopefully they'll do a good job.  
Does anyone know ways to find a good tailor? I just got my pair of 19cm Bleu Fonce Diors. I really like them, but the fit is way off on me compared to 17.5cm's. I need to get them tapered for sure.
Just got my 19cm Bleu Fonce DH's.   19cm cut definitely isn't for me. The jeans are great, but too baggy/loose, especially from the knee down. On others it looks fine, but not on my build/frame.   Going to take them to a good tailor to get them tapered, but I need to find the right one in my area (seattle).
Height is all about good nutrition and genes (haha, pun) than anything else. Aramis is right though, ask an expert. Ordered the bleu fonce! Should be here in about a week. It'll be cool to try the 19cm cut.
Weight training does absolutely nothing bad to your height at all. If anything, it helps you be taller through having better posture from a strong back and whatnot. That being said xbeckham is right about you not having to worry to much about it at age 16. Just exercise in moderation, be healthy, and enjoy life as much as possible.
I used to have the same problem Marcus, and it helped me a lot. Plus, the better shape you're in, the better pretty much everything looks. Plus the confidence factor which also makes you look more attractive too. And thanks! I'm excited. I'm sure I'll get black and/or blue claws next. Unless a pair of UMC or Mulhollands show up
@Marcus - You are plenty thin/skinny! I wouldn't ever use runway models as a point of comparison. If anything, your upper body looks under developed. I would try wearing shorter and wider (not baggy though) shirts, or work out more, to help balance out the portions. Having shirts that are slimmer all over, with your build, just looks more feminine. And that's not always a bad thing, but with what you're saying, it's not making you feel like you look good. I found a really...
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