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NHL: if you call wanting to see people in new washes disrespectful and whining, okay man...   Marcus: I agree there are some epic washes, but they've all been covered extensively on this forum and other forums. There's some new washes that are pretty interesting, but one of the Dior SA's told me they're moving towards cleaner and more basic washes. I thought life brush and fog light were pretty cool, and  I'd love to see some fit pics of punk academy if anyone was...
Can we stop talking about 6 year old washes and in with newer washes!
What are peoples thoughts about dior jeans with 2 or 3% stretch in em? It seems like many models now have some stretch.   It is more comfortable wearing stretch jeans, but sometimes it's too thight around the thighs.   Do stretch jeans keep it's form better? Seems like my 100% cotton ones stretch out pretty bad, only when washed it returns back.
Hedi Slimane Era Luster Black Waxed Jeans size 32, truly a collectors item.   Only rereleased in the 07, 08 seasons. Impossible to find.   Condition: 9.5 / 10. Worn only 4 times. Never washed or altered.   You guys know how much Dior Jeans have skyrocketed in price, get these while you can.    
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