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leftvapor, i like your jacket, it's pretty cool. jeanetic, 888p is definitely one of my favorite washes in ss/12. it's perfect on you. your grid shirt also fits 888p great.
fresh, jeanetic and phukette, thank you buddies. your answers are very clear. might try this cut in local store later :)
the chi-tight looks great. just curious what's the cut of braddom, is it like slim or carrot?
weidner ya,you're right. i totally got confused,what i mean is 886b= =. anyway, both are good washes.
ming, yous fit is great as usual. i like the sick washes in krooley. i thought 886p is a grey washes but im wrong. it has a blue version, and it's more attractive to me.
ya,not very impressive washes. my priority is still krooley 801N so far :)
I found some pics of safado 801I, it's dark washes but still looks great.
ming, you really have skinny legs ,and 888p fits great on you :)
Nice wash, thanks for sharing. i think i'll try new cuts this season, the krooley is amazing.
it fits great on you, marc, i also like mij jeans :) i like the vintage wash in particular. it's a little bit expensive though, but still a decent price for this pair.
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