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The thigh and knee down are not tight...and I feel more room for my knee in comparison with 801c and 8x2 (I took W30L32 for all of them)..
@denimaddict .. I didn't size down actually, and the waist is larger than 801c for the same size..I have to use belt..so i guess you can size down..
@zgdiesel..824z fits you perfect.the cut is great as well as washes...that's definitely new cut I will consider this season.. My new thavar 881P ..lol..
Same as you...I got 801C at first and finally I brought 811P...trust me..you won't regret it...
@denimaddict...great fit...I like your shoes and blazer too...
@ denim addict I brought it from yoox....though it's full price now, yet still cheaper than few months ago.. I remember there was 10% off coupon code last week.   Below is the link for your reference.. They still have many sizes for 32L... http://www.yoox.com/us/42338885RO/item?dept=#sts=orders80&cod10=42338885RO&sizeId=   and for 34L as well http://www.yoox.com/us/42338985IA/item?dept=men#sts=ip_baynote&cod10=42338985IA&sizeId=
@Levisland good sweater..and 886z fits you perfect..
8x2 is a pretty good wash and one of my favorite pairs ..the price is tempting as well..
Just received my new pair ..thavar 811p..it's a little bit like 801c and clean version of 8x2..I think.. [IMG]
Great fits on you, bros. I like all your pics.. Today is thavar 802j~~i think it's a decent none MII washes
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