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Great fit and good washes..vlcisko.. I like this cut but it seems no favorable wash for this season..
That's great promotion. I am considering to buy thavar 806p or thanaz 806r..still can't make a decision..
That's too much for me. Lol
That's sweet.
Great fit Aramis! I like your shoes too. May I know the brand of your shoes? Actually I wore 8b9 to work today. It's one of my favorite pairs.
It's pretty amazing, Jim. Good work and nice jeans.
Thanks DPonce ..
@denim addict, great fit! Good shirt as well. @getalonginated, good jogg & boots.. Today is my old time..8x2..
Great fit and review, DC.
Totally agree with you bro, if no favorite new washes, I would rather buy nudie. Thin Finn is a good cut as well.
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