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The size is listed in the product description. As it is Craigslist, they are local and I can check them out before I buy them. I just I would post these pictures here to see what style they are and if they might be fakes. No sense in wasting time. Only certain Diesel cuts fit me as I have an athletic (read big thighs) build. I was hoping someone could identify the cut to save me time.
No tags. These are the only pics I have. They aren't women's as they are listed as 33x32.
I found these Diesels on Craigslist and can't for the life of me identify the style.  I wonder if they are fake because I have never seen the Diesel logo in a zippered coin pocket like that.  Can anyone help me identify these??   Thanks in advance!
Just stumbled across this blog as I venture into a new denim world.  Glad to be a part!
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