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not exactly what i'm wearing today, i put this on earlier to see how it looks & i'm still debating if i can pull it off. - horrible photoshop skills - American Apparel everything - white Steve Madden keepsake flats not pictured
uhh... typed in my user id and got this: User not found ???
Quote: Originally Posted by treasurehoard You will be covered by seller protection unless you took more than 7 days to ship, paypal specifically said you are not covered by SPP or you failed to follow the few other rules that paypal has to qualify. Thanks treasurehoard! I'm just going to contact PayPal about SPP, I'm done with trying to reach the buyer. It was shipped like a day or 2 after I received the payment so hopefully I'll get the funds...
omg, I actually wanted to get a tattoo of that little guy but I didn't because I was afraid I would regret it. Anyway, it looks awesome & your daughter is pretty!
Wow, you guys. I'm in the midst of writing a philosophy paper right now and just quickly skimmed through the responses which looked like it turned into an argument. I"ll read everything once I'm done with this paper. Quote: Originally Posted by Nova missyanne any new information from paypal or have you heard form that seller? No news from PayPal nor the buyer. I've e-mailed him many times and just requested his info through eBay. I also...
I sold a pair of R&R jeans on eBay that required immediate payment and the buyer that bought it has 265 positive feedbacks & a confirmed address. Anyway, I shipped the jeans and about a few days later, PayPal has the money on hold. O.O The dispute doesn't mention why it's on hold, but I received an e-mail from PayPal saying the buyer pulled the funds from his bank account or reversed the payment. I e-mailed the buyer and didn't get a reply. So I contacted PayPal again....
Thanks treasurehoard! I guess I'll pass and wait for another buyer to come along..
How likely is it? I'm selling something on eBay but said I only ship within the U.S. & Canada due to unconfirmed addresses and a potential buyer e-mailed me asking if I can ship to Australia and that she has a confirmed address. I'm pretty sure I have shipped to confirmed addresses in Australia before but my only concern is that she only has 1 feedback and what if she doesn't actually have a confirmed address but just thinks she does? The item is quite pricey and I...
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