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I got mine the other day.Hate it. But I already took off the tag and such a hassle to return it to Canada. Gray jeans is not my cup I guess.
  Real men wear pink! That's why Diesel is running out of pink Thavar 801D in sizes first.
Thaver 801D pink. Salmon would actually be a more accurate description of the color instead of pink. I was never a fan of dirty washes but I LOVE the dirtiness of this pair so I'm keeping it. Even though I initially only wanted to see it. Now I have to deal with it falling off and showing my butt crack. If I size down my thighs won't fit.  
  It bothers me that the rips are on the exact same places. Sort of like evil twin.
Let's all stop eating for fashion.
Ughhh NOOOOO. They are all operated by the same Chinese I bet
I thought I saw it in the preview pics from a few months back
Ummmm if it is not diesel.com and the site has the word diesel in it, it's a scam scum site.
  Diesel can technically ship that same pair of jeans to Italy, sew the red, white, green stripes and label it MII.
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