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Phukette, is it because you have the same pants and shoes?
I used to but rarely now since discovering this forum. Good excuse not to do laundry - they told me not to wash denim!
Omg someone bough the super expensive tropical plants jeans!
During summer all I wear is walking shorts. I suspect I'm only going to wear colored denim like once or twice. So maybe I should just buy something cheap like Uniglo! http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-mens-leggings-jeans/076979-53-003
What's your opinion of colored denim like say the green one here: http://store.diesel.com/us/tapered_cod42193728vw.html Yay or Nay?
Any website that has the name diesel in it but not diesel.com is fake.
Like these? http://www.denimology.com/2008/02/rihanna_in_hot_pink_diesel_jea.php
It's not a dream. I own a pair. It's from last seasons collection and was on diesel online store for about 6 months.
Now make ur wife pay for them
It's Diesel's way of getting even more of your money. 
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