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Ahahahahha. Click on the contact us. Their email is denimforsale@gmail.com. Gmail??? Lol lol lol
Omg so fake. They stole the pictures from diesel website.
I love scoth and soda! Just bought a jacket from them actually.
The Sedona method?
Omg I always wanted to go to sedona
When I moved to the US ages ago, I shipped my personal belongings with DHL. I think if you ship via post office by sea (not by air) it would be the cheapest but will take months to arrive. I did not pay any custom fees. I gave DHL a list of all the items and declare them as personal belongings.
Loosely translated:Original price 9380. 90% discount. Bid price 8442. Buy price 8422. Remaining time 9 days. Number of stock 1. Item brand new. Shipping 160 ( not sure if it's local only) 28 waist 30 length.
If you paid by credit card, call your credit card company or dispute the charge when you receive the billing statement. That's what I did after I bought from a fake diesel website operated in china. I told them they shipped me an ugly fake belt when I bought a $300 jeans. I have no receipt to prove my purchase because they never sent me one. My credit card company reversed the charges.
Not diesel. What the heck? http://www.ssense.com/men/product/denis_gagnon/grey_layered_belted_trousers/72554
The backside looks like someone just pooped all over.
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