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Karacho, I had those. Bought it at ssense sale last year. Threw it away after wearing them for 15 hours fLight. Thought I looked like a slob in them. Now I kinda regret it.
Okay I know this is not about diesel but here is where the experts hangout so I'm gonna ask. What's your opinion of gstar, nudie and naked and famous? Gstar seems to have out there designs but the quality seems to be not so good. I only bought my first pair of nudie yesterday. From the website pictures their design seems dull but I guess the quality is good?
Congratulations Phukette!
I don't understand the love for 888p. I hate mine. So stiff!
Yay soon we can look like little monsters!
Don't know whether to thank you or not. I so don't need to spend more money.
It's showing up as $425 in cultizm for me. At nudie site it's $399. And it's not an investment unless it's ear ing money for you.
I like your website. Good job.
I bought thavar 888p and braddom 888p. I returned the thavar.
I'm surprised. Americans are among the world's fattest.
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