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Best purchase I've seen on this forum so far! Make some YouTube videos and share!
Do you work for diesel?
How about horrible pic? I look like a hobo in mine. Come to think of it, a lot of diesel jeans make me look like hobo.
And that woman better clean my apt and scrub mt bathroom with toothbrush!
And speaking of blue eyecons, I can never know visually what made them more special than the other ones that they warrant the tag blueeyecon.
I didn't even know there's such a thing as blueeyecons bag. I bought several blueyecons from diesel.com and from diesel store but never got one.
If you lose or gain weight, what do you do to those jeans that no longer fit? Dispose them or store them in case you gain/ loose the weight back?
How fancy
This is very nice too.
Got mine today. Also has a hole. I didn't notice it on the photos. Most of my diesel jeans have holes or tear.
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