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Hate viker coz of shallow pocket. I can't see the difference in the cuts on me otherwise. Only thing I can feel is thanaz and thavar are tight on my calves.
Are there diesel cuts with shallower pockets? I wore my viker to the office twice and both times my wallet fell out without me noticing. Now I have to ditch that pair. I can't afford to lose my wallet! Viker is now on my shit list.
What's so special about selvage?
  330 Euro?  Neither!
I think we should all just buy plain denims and roll around dirt and grass while wearing them. 
  Is that a carrot in your pocket or were you just excited for the queen's jubilee?  
  They smell like fish? 
  Hammer time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCpCn0l4Wo
Can't say you guys didn't warn me. With just 1 freaking machine wash and dry all the 3d creasing of my shioner is gone!!!!!! Boohoohoohoo.
New Posts  All Forums: