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And I thought Belther sounds so familiar. Turned out that one of the pairs I bought last weekend is Belther 816b. I think mine is the 3 rd one but the color is nothing like thT shown on the website. Mine's darker.
So pretty but so expensive
Okay everybody group hug!
Return it. The strap is precisely why I don't like it. 20 years ago I loved it. I can't believe Gucci is still running with this green red design.
Lol. Your posts make me laugh.I bet diesel purposely do some manual labor so they can charge more by claiming it's done by hand.
People still wear watches?
Is that a nipple ring? Aren't you scared it might get caught in something and riiippppped!If I have a body like that people will have to beg me to put my shirt back on.
I love my Italian version. Got it from marketplace here. One of the few diesel jeans that I really love.
I'm wearing nothing...
I hate wearing thavar,, makes my thigh so uncomfortable. It seems like if you do squats at the gym you can't wear this.
New Posts  All Forums: