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Leftvapor....in some odd way, me likey that bow tie look! Takes a confident man to be able to pull that off, and it looks like u can bro
  I really impressed by the work they had done.  How did they hem the cuffs like that?  All my seamstress did was cut and hem the bottom so some of them ended up looking like they were....hemmed.  Yours look as if they were the original hem when the jeans were purchased.  They look great. 
Thanks. that was my gut feeling too but it is quite a nice pair. I will post some in your forum.
Hi. New to the forum. Awesome site. Got me to really like diesels and gave me a lot of tips. I have a pair of braddom 8880p which I really like. In photo thavar 888p looks quite similar to the braddom because they're basically the same wash but the style appears different. Is it worth picking up the thavar even though I have the braddom? I wear 31x32 in the braddom. Should I pick up the same size if I was to buy the thavar? Thanks in advance.
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