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Hey, I still like the zathan I know I am old school-in fact, I am looking for a good price on zathan 30x32 -anyone selling?
Yea, that's how I want htem,but the saleman at the diesel store had them to be hemmed 1 inch )about 1/2 inch up from the ground)-so I just called him and he hopefully changed them to the right length.(I am pigsfly and sbraiders & F.Y.I) forgot my log in one day.
Got both zathan 73n and 74w-fit and look great-(tight) they both fit me the same,tight in thighs but you can still move around easily.
zathan 71x are light wash also aren't they?-are these just boring pockets or are they a crappy material in your opinion?   Thanks 
Wannt zathan 30x32 light wash ,not alot of wear, especially on back hem. Thanks 
Sounds cool, hope they look good,got online,didn't have them athe my local diesel store.
k..cool, thanks-hey, I just got some zathans 73n,fit tight, nice dark wash I love'm-do you know how the zathan 74w look and fit,etc. compared to 73n/
The zahan 74w in description sas they are "delave effect". Anyone know what this means? Thanks:)
Yea I know, years later,but do the holes anf rips go so deep that they show your skin?
Are they tight? Any other sizing and color info on these?   On another zathan question,is ther a zathan dark wash,not much if any distressing,with white (or light) stiching that I might be able to find these days?   Thanks in advance
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