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Does anyone know if they're real?
one thing that i saw was the made in peru tag, i have no clue if that is even a sign of legitimacy or fake
I was wondering if these shirts are real, i cannot find them online anywhere else and I really want this shirt but dont even see it on burberrys website. Help me please   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Burberry-Brit-mens-black-short-sleeved-check-shoulder-panels-t-shirt-125-/130964752433?pt=US_Mens_Tshirts&var=&hash=item6428b65ef2
   http://www.truereligionbrandjeans.com/MENS_SUPER_T_RICKY_JEAN__Old_Country/pd/c/2105/np/2105/p/8020.html   Org: 380$ I got for: 150$   http://www.truereligionbrandjeans.com/MENS_SUPER_T_RICKY_JEANS__Assasination/pd/c/2105/np/2105/p/7342.html   Org: 350$ I got for: 140$      MK Pocket Book Org:400$ I got for: 170$      
Here's the link to the photo please help me figure out what jeans these are http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii138/xbosox3333x/22F65A30-3605-49A2-B673-8BD739A032A3-4338-00000340091E1C6E.jpg
Who's having the best deals on true religion or diesel jeans this Black Friday and cyber Monday and which day should I shop?
Does anyone know when the next True Religion outlet stores will be having a sale because I'm looking to pick up a couple pairs of jeans, I'm going to go to the river head outlet.
Do these websites sell authentic True Religion Jeans?   http://www.viptruereligionsale.com/   and   http://www.denimonsale.com/True%2DReligion/True%2DReligion%2DMen%2Ds%2DJeans/True%2DReligion%2DStraight%2DLeg%2DMens%2DJeans/   I want to purchase true religion jeans but the ones i am looking at are 400$, and i dont want just one pair..
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