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I got this code too and used mine to order work a day, did the order on wednesday and it just arrived an hour ago! Luckily order sz 29 after a colleague recommended me to stick to this size rather than size up for washed cuts. Anyway strange that my code expires on 31 may though. Are they sending out in batches?
wow seems like pricing in the USA is pretty steep. some pieces more expensive than singapore.   lvr is the cheapest but subjected to stock availability too =)
the place where i am, work a day is selling for singapore dollars 1050 which is 875 usd base on exchange rate.   lvr it's retailing for 500 singapore dollars which is 416 usd   wow haha
no sizes for jakes on LVR for me =(   what are your recommendations for Work a day?
man jean, i got to say you look good in those diors.   i'm looking at getting another pair other than my mij raws....   have my eyes on work a day
  yup i got a code this morning singapore time 7.15 am which was like 7 hours ago. so maybe yours will come lateR?
hi, been thinking of getting another pair of diors and just this morning, got a promo code from lvr which helps....   so now, I'm looking for advice on what to get   basically i own only a pair of size 29 mij 19cm. my true waist is 30. i don't have the opportunity to wear jeans to work thus 1-2 times a week for the past 4 months. but each wear is roughly about 10 hours.   My calves are not exactly very thin due to my marathon training.   i'm looking at...
Are these converse shoes the high-cut or low cut versions?    
Thanks....now just trying to clock in as much wear on it as possible....first pair so pretty much a trial and error....
thanks for the advice.   Actually they are already tight fitting at the thighs, calves and waist area....hopefully it turns out well when it stretches....if too much then will wash it to shrink it
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