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oh and the reason the other time i bought the 19cm was because i couldnt seem to fit into the 17.5 jakes then....however now i can thus venturing into the 17.5cm ...=)
the MIJ raws. not really baggy per sae on the thighs or the calves. It's just that the stacks seems toooo messy and like an accordion as compared to 17.5 which is tidier and has a smarter look with leather shoes.   it's like if i wear a fitting shirt, the 17.5 will look better as compared to the 19cm...both in sz 29
after wearing 17.5cm, the 19cm seems to baggy to me. thinking of offloading my mij 19cm w29....normally what's the resale value of diors...like knocking how much % off the purchase price?
when u mention sag, what does it mean   oh and how do you do your stacks? 
About work a day?? What was ur opinion ?
man, how do you all do those stacks. been trying to but mine are so messy when compared
I ordered it Wednesday morning but it only got shipped out Thursday midnight. By Friday night it's with me....Btw Lvr won't sell used stuff right?
oh and another quick question. got no experience with washed diors but the CD tag at the back, the small silver one. is it normally a bit rougher for washed ones. cus my raws, it comes shiny and polished.
Hi, I only have two pairs as of now. the rest are g-stars.    My first is MIJ sz 29 19cm indigo 2nd one which is the new one Work A Day i got it in sz 29 17.5cm    fit pics coming in later
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