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is dior homme not going to have any new washes or is it that lvr is not stocking anything new?
Oic. I checked with lvr what does the jake umc means and they said its jakes that go be thru umc treatment. Is leaden sky a unique wash that is worth buying ?
Is this item code of 163D007TX995 for jake under my car or just jake
How does the jake umc fits? Is it looser or tighter than previous season of jakes? Thinking of grabbing a pair off lvr. Not sure on sizing . I wear sz 29 for work a day and sz 28 for previous season of jakes
Did they increase the price for Jake under my car? I remembered it was 360ish but now the price is like 200 bucks more
can someone recommend me where i can trade my mij raw 19 cm w29 with a jake 17.5cm w29 or sell it off my mij raw at a reasonable price...thanks!
anyway problem solved. Wearing boots will help hold the stacks
actually for my sz 29, it was hard to put it on. i had to take a deep breath and then slide into it. but now it has expanded. It' just that maybe I am too short? my height is only 1.7m...   nvm, my friend has encouraged me to keep it and taught me some methods to enhance the stacks
how do i go for the 28 when I cant even put it on?
i only have the 19cm raws in sz 29 and 17.5cm work a day in sz 29.   i can't fit in the 28.....29 is the smallest i can fit
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