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...and when you wash them, how ?
@turkje    size down, they are too big !
@ levislad the keever looks good! also fan of the coating today my only not-diesel jeans april 77 joeys, sized up one size so they are not like leggings
i would rather take the tepphar 8pk  the stripes on them aren't so dominant and it's overall a cooler wash 
it's not so deep there :P  the city is called "Halle", it's in Germany, i study there  @levislad   the zatiny looks good on you !   
relaxing in the sun  RayBan sunglasses  american apparel v-neck diesel-belt  thavar 8x2
"If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." How true !
both seem strange
http://www.denim-jeans.org.uk/sale/Diesel-Shioner-8PJ-Slim-Jeans-405.html  and this ?
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