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Quote: Originally Posted by chhs acceptance WAS a band underoath is a band FOB is ok Acceptance were a great band.
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed ^OT , but shes had that avatar for quite some time now... Brand New is a band.
Fuck Fall Out Boy. Quote: Originally Posted by PoorCollegeGirl Pete Wentz is lame. I used to have the hugest celeb crush on him circa Take this to Your Grave, but now he is the biggest asshole. Poor Patrick Stump. And poor bloody dude......i hope he gets some money out of this. Nice Brand New avatar.
Quote: Originally Posted by codese7en Orchid - Le Descordre, C'est Moi Great fucking song. Just finished listening to Explosions in the Sky - Six Days at the Bottom of The Ocean Now: Metric - Love is a Place
Quote: Originally Posted by Nova that's all fine and well however different statements are truer to different people so it's not exactly correct for you to say that statment is untrue. I'm sure there's someone on here that thinks Britney Spears is better than SOAD haha but anyway the point is it's not true or false and there's absolutly no reason why this should even be an issue! I understand that people have different tastes in music. Did...
Quote: Originally Posted by mike on autopilot Wtf? I was only stating my opinion. No, I don't care for Chiodos all that much but thanks for generalizing me. You listen to what you want and let me do the same, alright? You wrote "Saosin > System", correct? '>' meaning 'greater than', or in this case 'better than'? If you meant that you ENJOY Saosin more than System, state it that way, rather than generalizing about the superiority of one band...
Quote: Originally Posted by mike on autopilot I do! Saosin > System HAHAHAH Oh god, how naive are you? I enjoy Translating The Name as much as anyone. I even saw Saosin with Anthony several times and even enjoy a few of the songs on the new record. But this is the dumbest comparison I have seen in music since My Chemical Romance and Queen. You're going to tell me that you like Chiodos too, aren't you? Hahaha. System of a Down are better...
Circa Survive - Travel Hymn The new album is soooo good.
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh like zwan? Zwan was like Pumpkins on really bad ecstasy lined with something. Either way, I personally don't think they should have reunited at all (even IF Iha and D'Arcy came back).
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh smashing pumpkins - tarantula radio rip off the zeitgeist album. although i dunno if its really the pumpkins without iha and darcy. more like zwan. Billy and Jimmy were the sole songwriters for the majority of the band's work and despite Iha and D'Arcy's absence from the album, I'm sure it'll have the essence of the Pumpkins.
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