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who knows which type number jean the model wear in this show video?Thks http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=uIfkMpursl8 the model present time period : 2'30" -- 2'41"
hi,man.i dont want disppoint you.but brand new price is 210usd now.(ssense.com) and i purchased 2 weeks ago with 300usd.so sad...
1. 300usd. 2. diesel thanaz 660Q 3. i love this fit,my first diesel skinny jean.even made in tunisia not italy. 4. 100-200usd (from diesel viker to black gold nimis carrot,thepphar 880r,nudie slim,to now this thanaz 660Q).actually i'm feel something wired after compared my first 660Q with retail store same model,then i choose refund the first one purchased on taobao.com then buy again from ssense.com 500usd total freeship to WW,today i got this new pairs,I love it.
you mean my thanaz 660Q ?
Please help me to identify thanaz 660Q jean's authentic i just purchased:   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/195985/please-help-me-to-identify-thanaz-660q-jeans-authentic-purchased-from-webstore   Millions thanks
I purchased last week from TAOBAO.com (china's biggest B2C webstore site) here is the item link: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.5.0.40.KVRvla&id=16046013261 and the seller's store link: http://bear-jeans.taobao.com   when i got the THANAZ 0660Q i went to retail store for comparision then i found alot difference: 1. Denim quality i purchased feel harder than retail,and the denim color darker than retail. 2. The Tags bar-code different compare to...
Diesel Larkee-Relaxed 0880K Made in Italy W32XL32 2pairs Brand New with Tags Purchased from Amazon this year early Ship from Beijing,China USPS Flat,30usd for 1st pair,20usd for added pair. Paypal deal prefer.
Diesel Larkee 0073P W32XL34 Made in Tunisia only 1 pair Brand New with Tags Purchased from Amazon early this year Ship from Beijing,China USPS Flat, 30usd for 1st pair,20usd for added pair(you can check my other item for sale,diesel men's jeans) Paypal deal prefer
Diesel Viker 0880L W32XL32 Made In Italy 2Pairs Brand New with Tags Purchased from Amazon early this year. Ship from Beijing,China,USPS Flat shipping.30usd for 1st pair,20usd for added pair. Paypal deal prefer
black gold nimis 2011 sumer
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