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it could looks great !   p.s. others members, feel free to give your point of view to thanks a lot
Hi pls can you put a picture with your face wearing the glasses for better watching the style of them ? thanks
Hi I have those two jackets but I dont have any pants for wear with them pls could you help me to choose a good fashioned/joung color of pant/shirt ? ''AJ'' jacket (brown velvet) the other is ''Façonnable'' (green khaki/military green)
I am selling this good shape regards
I am selling this very good shape, worn only 3times regards
thanks a lot I see now better  
what is it ?  
found thanks
Hi, thanks for your replies, (the small foto button is very practice, thanks for the tip) here is another pic of some ''patches'' (if I understood the term ''patch'' well) those blue patches looks like glued and not sewn I could put them for make it same effect like the interior of the pocket on this 2nd hole but I will need blue/white ones could you tell me where to buy it or how to glue it with professional glue for jeans ? (perhaps every tailors...
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