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Hi, I would like to know if those Moncler vests on this website are authentic what do you think ? somebody have already tried it ?   thanks
Hi, I am looking for some nice sleepers cool & fashion   thanks
yes all that is very inconsistent as you say so, thanks guy, I will give my self good luck to find the good one lol  
Hi everybody pls can you tell me if ZATHAN Diesel are straight ?  I am looking for a little bit more slim than Viker but straight (parallel) thanks
its not edhardy, not evisu another brand, I dont remember the name, it's been 2 years ago I saw it very nice shirts, more than edhardy style
Hi, I dont remember the name of a japanese artist who makes some t-shirts like edhardy style but with some japanese style, (like fishes etc...) thanks
where can I find ''soliath'' shoes website ? regards
Hi, this is an authentic brown velvet Armani Jeans coat in very good shape size 48 with ''doublure'' you can take off the ''doublure'' if you want
Hi, measurement are W31L32 , I dont know more about it it's standard diesel measurement regards
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