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I have this jacket at home, is soooo amazing!
Thank you so much guys for reply .
Any comments and your own experiences please? Phukette, ZdenalCZ, Denim Collector, Denim Addict, Gpoop, Dieselcious, Audit30, Glouriouscafe...Denim specialist!
Phukette which size did you choose in the waist?    
Hi guys,    I purchased by Harrods webside two pairs of jeans, the parcel was perfectly packaged. Unfortunately I noticed that one pair were a bit wrinkled only at the bottom in comparison with the other pair. What do you thing, should I send it back, it is a DAMAGE OF MATERIAL or can I use a iron to solve it? I´m a bit worried about it. Has this happened to anyone else?    Material: 98% Cotton/2% Elastane Thank´s for answer.            
Hi EuropeanDave,   I realy love the fit of Buster, 0609T is a stretch denim and very comfy. In comparison to thavar and tepphar is more roomy in the thighs.
Hi Denim Specialist,   I recived today a parcel from Harrods, lovely purchase. I can´t deside about these two pairs.   Which one should I take please, any advices?   BUSTER 0609T (98% Cotton, 2% Elastane)   SIZE 31/30         SIZE 32/30  
Hi everyone from Denimblog,   I would like to know the wash code of this pair.   http://www.harrods.com/product/buster-tapered-jeans/diesel/000000000004245551     Thank´s in advance.
By amazon they are accepting only credit cards, not paypal :-(.   It´s saved to pay by cards on Amazon?   Thank´s in advance for answer.
Ouuu thank´s a lot guys, I´m starting to order them.
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