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I generally don't buy diesel like this but it's a good deal and don't seem to see these at many places anymore.
Thanks. Hopefully a few more can chime in. I am ok if they are a version that is a bit lighter but must be real.
Hi can you guys please help me authenticate these tepphar 833y? Is the color correct? I thought they were supposed to be black but most pics they seem to be more blue and certainly true here. They're new without tags. Tag does say "made in Romania" and I can see the diesel in the little hologram on the inside tags but looking for others to verify as well. Thanks.
Hi all,   Have a few pairs of Krayver 827X in 30 (one pair), 31 (3 pairs), 32 (2 pairs).  They are BNWT.   Looking for $225 shipped in the continental US.
Have a pair of bnwt belther 824e I am looking to sell. Selling because I simply have not worn them and won't at this point. $130 obo plus shipping.
I have a brand new with tags pair of krooley ne 800a in 30 which are just too big for me that I would sell. Let me know.
Willing to trade for krooley ne 800a in 30 which are bnwt?
Thavar 604n thavar jogg
Thanks guys!
My thavar 8ne is a 30 waist, and while I fit a 28 waist easily in diesel, my legs do have some muscle (lacrosse player), though I am very lean.  The 30 in thavar fit perfect.  If i were getting tepphar 68z, which I've heard run a little looser, which size should I order?  Order same as thavar, or my usual 29 for all other diesels?   Thanks!
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