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Have a pair of bnwt belther 824e I am looking to sell. Selling because I simply have not worn them and won't at this point. $130 obo plus shipping.
I have a brand new with tags pair of krooley ne 800a in 30 which are just too big for me that I would sell. Let me know.
Willing to trade for krooley ne 800a in 30 which are bnwt?
Thavar 604n thavar jogg
Thanks guys!
My thavar 8ne is a 30 waist, and while I fit a 28 waist easily in diesel, my legs do have some muscle (lacrosse player), though I am very lean.  The 30 in thavar fit perfect.  If i were getting tepphar 68z, which I've heard run a little looser, which size should I order?  Order same as thavar, or my usual 29 for all other diesels?   Thanks!
Yes it is!They've been amazing to buy from. Yes I think I'm going to grab a pair of joggs from them as well.Anyone looking for a pair of new krooley 800D in 26 for cheap? 80 shipped.
Recently bought a pair of NWT Thavar 8NE from the above listed retailer.  Just making sure these guys are legit.  Anyone have experience with them?  Only thing that worries me is that these were Blue Eyecon jeans...I assume Diesel just has leftovers?  Everything else looks legit but wanted to double check here.   Thanks.
Still have the safado 882b? What's the waist sizing and the thigh? thanks
   What are your measurements for height, weight? Thanks, I hope so.  These seem to be very hard to find as I see them sold out at most places.     True...but nice to get an idea of what to expect.    
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