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Quote: Originally Posted by begret BBahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that was lame, wasn't it? Advan, no one ever really dies... did I win? Sawyer dropping the diamonds in the grave was intruiging though Ya i would assume he would keep something, but i guess he knows he might meet his creator soon, so no point. I have a feeling paulo and nikki will come back though.
There actually a rural OC?
Thanks you guys, i wasn't sure if this was real, i asked the seller to take a picture of the back of the buttons but he hasn't responded so it seem more then likely it was a fake.
So is this real?
look nices, but not a very clear picture. btw anyone know the wash for sure?
Im surprise theres a paper there.
dunno, but the more i watch the more i love it. Such a cool father, son moment.
Off Topic but i had to share it. Thought this was very cute and good. http://www.jcbsong.co.uk/jcbvideo.asp Wait till the very end and read what he said, very funny. This is good if you want to check out more of his work http://240.is.byuh.edu/dj065/media/Creep.swf
Fake.........................jk, funniest thing ever, I meet Ill town at a store I recommended him to go to on HF. He had PM me about where I go to get cheap jeans. Soon enough a week later, We meet at the store but didnt know each other. We talked and i mention HF. Then we found out. that so trippy.
I like the 70c back pockets better, but i do like the wash on this one.
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