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I am a host for vault denim who is pretty new and i have also been invited to the fake parties.  A couple ways to tell if they are fake is if they tell you the name brands that they have in stock.  That is not legal to do unless you are a authorized dealer of theirs.  Our parties carry the real brands but you have to attend to see them and purchase them.  If you would like to ask me some more questions or if you think i can help then get ahold of me through my...
Anyone can see what the parties carry or have on hand all they need to do is contact us to setup one and then all your questions will be answered.  It might be worth it just to find out. They are mostly women trying to become a success at what they are doing and all you would be doing is helping them succeed.  Maybe you find something you like maybe you do not but either way we still love you all.
This is not meant as spam its meant as a resource sorry you took it that way.
I am starting to notice that all the people saying they are fake have no proof and it seems they are only saying it because either they paid full price when they could have attended one of the parties or they are to stuck in their ways to look into new things.   just saying good luck you negative ones.
In reply to the cheaper or whole sale or less then wholesale jeans.  The parties do not get them from them direct from the source most of the time they buy from many sources and its usually inventory that they cannot move and want to get some money for them before they sell them for nothing.  Just because you do not understand something does not mean you know everything. Sorry for the negativity but if everyone could do it they would and then nobody would need to learn...
THEY ARE 100% REAL Hello all, I saw your post and would like to reply about the Designer Jeans Parties.  I also have been asked to attend a jeans party and i have gone to a few now.  I liked the parties so much i have actually signed up with them and i am about to start hosting my own.  You are welcome to attend.         In regards to your post asking if they are real or how the parties are and i will tell you without any doubt the Designer Jeans Parties Jeans, shorts,...
New Posts  All Forums: