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Hey guys, I'm heading to Montreal next month, and was wondering what the guys should do down in there as we have never been there before. I heard of a place where you can have breakfast served by nude girls, is this true? also, heard a lot of things about smoked meat sandwiches, bagels etc.. Anything interesting to do down in the heart of montreal? also we are most likely staying downtown, so any shopping or places we should check out in the downtown radius, please...
what sizes did they have in the zatiny 71j? I am interested in those.
Quote: Originally Posted by MAGNUS if you dont mind,i would rather not tell you i dont want anyone else to have this jacket,ok how else am i gong to feel special,eh? lol could it be N.B.S. ? I have that jacket in black and one in white. one of my favorite jackets by far, looks really good with the white v. *no homo*
floyd oxycotin
can't beat a chuck norris costume. *round house kick*
where do you people still find this pair of jeans?
anyone know the wash for the joeys?
Quote: Originally Posted by staluckey Looks like frontier and dk fillmore which if frontier and which is dark fillmore can anyone else confirm this? thanks staluckey
anyone know the washes? help =x
not a chance
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