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I was considering 834F, but I'll pass - it doesn't look a great deal different enough from 608T to warrant a purchase. 608T also looks more unique, in my opinion, with its statement crotch repairwork. :)
Looking good!
Very nice colour and wash. I love my 830J.
Nice R-Box!
^^ I agree. 835J and 835L just look plain ordinary compared to the rest.
LOL! But it is totally awesome.
^^ I agree. People are saying the same thing about Tepphar 835L. One repaired crotch hole, and it becomes a Blue Eyecon. Totz lolz.
Now these are interesting... the blue hue of the jeans in these pix looks nothing like that of the eBay pix of 833J that were posted here sometime back. Thanks, Weenie!
Actually, if you can fit into a 28, go for it - provided the legs and crotch aren't so tight that you find it too uncomfortable/difficult to walk. If you have skinny legs, like me, then it's a safer bet. And you could always try washing it to soften it up if it's still too tight.   I bought a size up for my first 8X2 - even then it was pretty damn tight at first, but then the waist stretched out like crazy. I bought one in my regular size after that, and it's nice and...
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