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I agree with Freerad - 8X2 is a must-have wash, in gloriously tactile 100% cotton that fits beautifully. I love both my pairs.
Strange. My 8Y0 is 98% cotton 2% elastane.
I agree. I don't like those crotch holes at all.
Classic pair.
Looking good. Welcome to the Forum!
^^ It does, but it's a matter of personal preference, I feel. I like the Sleenker. :)
I have a yellowish pair too, and it's awesome.
Thanks for posting this pic, Quettingen. They do fit a little like leggings, but the wash is fantastic. To me, 830J is one of the highlights this season.
The blue wash/tones of 833Z remind me pretty much of 829B, and those of 830R remind me of 8NE. They look too similar to old pairs than I would have preferred. Regardless, I have to agree re 830R at least - with the exception of the selvedge construction, it doesn't really look that special at all. I'm saving my money for the main collection - I'm sure there'll be a few nice surprises there. ;)
Buy the same size in Belther, do not size down. They are much tighter in the waist than Thavar, in my experience, and stretch very little.   The blue Belther 818V is available in W32 at Cultizm - it's on sale. Here is the link:   http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p4239_Diesel-Belther-0818V-Jeans-Medium-Blue.html
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