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I too prefer the paint splatters on 8BT, to be honest. They add a great deal more character to the jean.
I agree with Freerad - 8X2 is a must-have wash, in gloriously tactile 100% cotton that fits beautifully. I love both my pairs.
Strange. My 8Y0 is 98% cotton 2% elastane.
I agree. I don't like those crotch holes at all.
Classic pair.
Looking good. Welcome to the Forum!
^^ It does, but it's a matter of personal preference, I feel. I like the Sleenker. :)
I have a yellowish pair too, and it's awesome.
Thanks for posting this pic, Quettingen. They do fit a little like leggings, but the wash is fantastic. To me, 830J is one of the highlights this season.
The blue wash/tones of 833Z remind me pretty much of 829B, and those of 830R remind me of 8NE. They look too similar to old pairs than I would have preferred. Regardless, I have to agree re 830R at least - with the exception of the selvedge construction, it doesn't really look that special at all. I'm saving my money for the main collection - I'm sure there'll be a few nice surprises there. ;)
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