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Looking good, BlakeJoo!
Nice purchase!
I, too, am starting to get curious about 835L. Besides Karacho, has anyone else seen or tried it in real life? More pictures would be nice, too! 
Very nice.
^^^ Thavar 829B are definitely badass, man. The lyocell blend makes them soft and comfortable to wear, too.
Good fit and I agree, it is a great wash.
Interesting. My 888P has remained snug throughout, even in the waist. Then again, I bought my regular size, and didn't size up as you did.
Thanks for the tip, much obliged.
Your pairs of Thavar 888P and 8X2 are loose in the waist?
Not quite my experience with 8X2 and 888P. These Thavars are thick, but far from being loose in the waist.
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