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The patch on the pair I got isn't too large, thank goodness - I think it might vary from pair to pair. I love the overall colour of the jeans, though. Very unique.
Yes, get Thavar 816K. It's a great wash.
Thavar 888P, Thavar 8X2, Thanaz 73J.
Damn, Freerad, do you pull Viker off well!
Very cool, Aramis!
Me too! The only standouts for me are the Chi-Tight-B and perhaps Thavar 816K. It's sad.
If you're thinking of getting the Chi-Tight-B, though, be aware that the waist is pretty damn loose. The legs are nice and snug. The wash itself is killer.
Did you get the brown distressed Chi-Tight-B, audit30? That pair is pretty special!
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