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My Belther 816B are definitely tighter throughout than my Darrons in the same size. And yes, they do run shorter, too. Not sure if it's just the 816B wash though.
Hey guys, sorry, but don't bother - they closed down all three of their stores here, one after another. It's sad.
2010, I believe it was.
Honestly, I like 821B - they look great in real life. A very unique pair, with a sort of "rubbery", very soft feel. Almost the whole thing is coated.
Great fit. Get them!
I think it might be like Tepphar, but tighter on the thighs... that means tight all the way through as opposed to a slim carrot cut like Tepphar.
That's a lot of work! I admire your dedication, Jim.
I stuck to my usual size, and the waist has stretched to become a little loose. The fit on the legs is still snug, but not uncomfortable.
Could it be Sweesty, Leftvapor?
Looking good, Aahz and Phukette! Love the colours on Aahz's blazer!
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