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They look really skinny, man - like painted-on, jeggings skinny! Maybe go up a size?
Aramis posted recently in the F/W thread with his opinion of the new Truckter cut, hahaha!
The Bloomsbury is indeed an Allsaints classic. The wash, the denim, the fit... all fantastic.
Hear, hear! Well said!
Speaking of Sanibeldude, we haven't seen him around the Forum since he last posted the review of the 829B. Hope all's well with him.   And where's Aahz at??
Love the blue hue on 833J!
Thanks for the pix and reviews, Phukette! They're enjoyable to read and informative, as always.
Looking good, Phukette!
I think you could go for W31 in 827J.
Puremorning is also Sanibeldude?? The guy with the family photo in his avatar, who posted the detailed review of the Thavar 829B not too long back? Wow.
New Posts  All Forums: