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No worries!
Keep the jacket, for sure. It looks great!
Yes, 833Y is amazing... a lightly waxed, dirty dark blue mixed with black and a teeny bit of dark grey. It isn't a black pair per se, but the wash is very dark, and just great. Well worth what it costs.
Welcome to the Forum. Give Belther a shot, you might like it.   Here's one wash:   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198780/diesel-belther-824e-black-jeans-detailed-review   In my experience, the slimness of the legs differs slightly from wash to wash... Belther 824E would be more fitting than Belther 818V, for instance.
Hey Aahz, it's good to "see" you again. 
They look really skinny, man - like painted-on, jeggings skinny! Maybe go up a size?
Aramis posted recently in the F/W thread with his opinion of the new Truckter cut, hahaha!
The Bloomsbury is indeed an Allsaints classic. The wash, the denim, the fit... all fantastic.
Hear, hear! Well said!
Speaking of Sanibeldude, we haven't seen him around the Forum since he last posted the review of the 829B. Hope all's well with him.   And where's Aahz at??
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