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Hmm, it's a little bit lighter. Not as "vivid" as 811P. :)
Very nice, thanks for the pix and the review!!
My opinion - to be on the safe side, better not to size down. If you do, the waist and crotch area might be too tight, regardless of the elasthan (which is only 1%). Better to wear jeans that are comfortable than literally a pain in the arse! ;) Also, my pair has hardly stretched out at all...
Thanks so much for your super-detailed review, Phukette. It was very insightful reading. I say just cuff 'em and wear 'em for now, the wash is good.
Haha, nice!
Tepphar 602S.
True raw/dry denim is usually 100% cotton. Sleenker 607A have polyester and elastane in them.
 I agree totally! And looking at it again, the shade of blue on 833J also seems to me like a brighter version of the (Zathan) 772 tone, which I like. And yeah, what's with the larger hem on them Thavars, man, especially 833J - they do indeed look like a mini bootcut! Regardless, it is still an amazing jean and IMO, the best Blue Eyecon of the season.
Haha, I wear mine to work in the morning. I don't care! 
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