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That's an interesting wash... appreciate the pictures.
Those Thavar 811P are gorgeous, man. IMO, definitely one of the best washes - if not the best wash - this season.
Thanks for the pix!
Beautiful, thanks for the review!
Thavar 811P... just wow.
Looks authentic... if you can see tiny letters in the microstitching on the tag, then it definitely is.
Looking fabulous, Phukette. Have fun!
They just might, you never know. Hope springs eternal!
Higher than Thavar/Thanaz/Shioner as far as I can tell, if that's what you're asking?
I've only tried sizing down with the Braddom 660R from my Thavar size - they fit fine, probably because the denim is thin anyway. You will achieve a slightly slimmer look on the legs, but not by a great deal. I'm just worried about the waist being a bit uncomfortable at first, but it should stretch in time.
New Posts  All Forums: