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If you're thinking of getting the Chi-Tight-B, though, be aware that the waist is pretty damn loose. The legs are nice and snug. The wash itself is killer.
Did you get the brown distressed Chi-Tight-B, audit30? That pair is pretty special!
I dunno, man... I was so set on getting 817H, but the more pictures I see of it, the more I'm not feeling it. Like Phukette said, I think it'll be one of those pairs I'll wear for a while, and then leave aside in favour of others, which will be a waste. It doesn't have that "X-factor" about it, IMHO.
They could be the recent (unsold) Thavar-A sprayed over for that effect, and voila! a brand-new wash is born. A good thing, because it's a pity when perfectly good unsold clothes end up destroyed.
Based on the maxseam.net pix, the base blue looks pretty similar to Shioner 805A. Bummer. I was hoping for a somewhat lighter shade of blue.
Fit looks good, and the wash is pretty cool. Keep.
Second that!
Thanks for the reviews, Phukette!
Should be sometime later this month.
Those Chi-Tight-B are very cool.
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