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I agree, the 602S wash doesn't quite look like the modelled pictures. Disappointing.
Hi, the Thanaz waist is typically cut a little bit larger for sagging. You could size down to a 29 for a waist fit that's more snug, but then again, much also depends on your legs. If they aren't skinny, the fit on them might be uncomfortable. A 32 length should be fine since you would stack the bottoms anyway. Just to be sure of the leg fit, it would be best if you could try on a pair in a store.
Fantastic fit, Aramis. This pair of yours is real nice!
Oh, the horror!
  True that, 880M is another super-innovative wash. I call it my "Filthy New Age" jean. ;)
The last guy in a dedicated creative role they had was Bruno Collin, but he left quite a few years ago. I believe the position had been vacant up till now.
S/S 2013 has been a little bit dull, but I do agree with Aramis that 811P is the saving grace of the season - it is easily one of Diesel's very best, if not the best, blue wash in the last five years.
What he says in this other interview led me to feel a bit more positive... but yes, like Karacho says, only time will tell. Fingers crossed.   http://www.style.com/stylefile/2013/04/diesel-now-unleaded-nicola-formichetti-on-his-expansion-plans/
LOL Aramis! But I do agree that if this appointment is indeed a done deal, then things will change, and not all of them may be for the better.
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