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The denim does indeed look pretty thin, and might well stretch out with use. I guess better to size down.
Actually, I must confess that I like "boardy" jeans. They look more "crunchy", and are also easier to stack. But that's just my opinion. ;)
There's nothing wrong with them. Just keep wearing them, and they'll get soft again with use and time.
Very nice, Karacho.
I agree, would have loved these to be in 100% cotton. And that price is atrocious. Bummer.
Size down to a 28. 
No worries, anytime! Good luck!
Hi, both of mine didn't stretch out much. For comfort, I would not size down, especially since 833J has only 1% elastane, and Sleenker is already a super-skinny cut anyways.   I'm guessing 811P would be the "clean" Thavar (as it only has tiny abrasions) in a shade of blue that comes closest to that of 833J. Hope this helps.
Thanks to DieselBoy and Phukette! Much obliged!
^^ Lol. Yeah man, if Phukette says he'll do it, he will.
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