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A number of new shirts and jackets have been put up on the Diesel online store... I wonder when the jeans are going to go up, too. They've always started with the denim in past seasons... seems they're a tad delayed for S/S 14.
No worries, anytime!
I think leftvapor means solid colours. With a solid-coloured top, the distressed jeans take the limelight, so to speak. Hope this helps.
Yup, I'm wearing mine right now, too. They will stretch.
He should stick to his normal size in 880G.
Thanks Lorna!
Honestly, I have yet to see any pair of jeans in this new season that makes me go "wow". Here's hoping for a really special wash or two to appear pretty soon...
Yes, thanks in advance, Lorna!
Thanks for the review, DC!
My 74k stretched quite a bit in the waist, more than my 816k. But the 74k remains pretty tight in the legs, didn't stretch out there.
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