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I think they're worked into the V-stitching on the back pockets.
Aahz, you're a legend! Epic pose!
I do. We're talking about Thanaz 660Q, right? The jean with the herringbone construction and the bleachy streaks on the calf/ankle area? Mine are definitely a shade of blue. To my eyes, the Thanaz 660S and the Braddom 660R (which I also own) are more grey than blue in colour. :)
Hi, 660Q are blue, not grey. It's the Thanaz 660S that are more grey in colour.
  Lol, good one! Thanks for the heads-up, Aahz. Yet another disappointing wash.
I think there are sequins running down the outseam. Not sure if they've been sewn on the entire length of the jean, though. It is a pretty expensive pair, however, and doesn't look as good as I'd hoped.  
Close to 40, at last count. You shouldn't seek help, if that's the case then many of us should! Maybe what you could do is tone down your purchases - if you feel you have too many dark washes already, then focus on the light or medium ones - that sort of thing. Or maybe just buy two per season - your absolute favourite from the preview collection, then your favourite from the main collection. It's what I'm trying to do, too.
Yup, those three cuts seem to be it for 75L. I just checked on pages 4 and 5 of the list at this link, posted by Phukette recently.   http://www.overnite.co.kr/?module=file&act=procFileDownload&file_srl=2216&sid=0c7cea1e22101accbada49041f852e9b
So far Darron, New Fanker and Larkee. I think that might be it, actually...
Good move! Of all of Diesel's herringbone washes that have been released up to now, it's still the best.
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