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Thanks for the pictures and the review, much appreciated!
The Diesel Island campaign was great! "Diesel Island - The Least Fucked Up Country in the World". :)
If you size down, I'd imagine the base area of the footwear would be smaller... and your toes/heels then would already be walking on the pavement. Better to stick to your normal size.
Looking real good, Freerad. That's a great-looking pair of jeans.
Lol Aramis!
Guys, pretty much all the new S/S jeans have just been placed for sale on the Diesel Europe online store. Enjoy! :)
Sleenker 827Q is available on Cultizm... they ship really quickly, too.
Yes, like it can't decide what it wants to be. The gold glittery semi-tuxedo stripe just ruins the whole thing, in my opinion. Wash-wise, I guess it's nice if you're looking for a dirty grey-black pair? I dunno.
It does look pretty good! If Diesel continues to produce unattractive washes like they're doing now, and for that kind of ridiculous money, I'm going to be spending my dough somewhere else.
Thanks for the fit pix, Baltimore. Looking great! And Quettingen put it really well - Diesel's prices are getting ridiculously high, and their jeans washes (at least) are seriously getting blah. There is nothing so far in the new collection that makes me go "wow". And I know I've said I'm waiting to see what all the new jeans in the main collection are like, but frankly I'm not holding too much hope that they'll be anything special. Even this season's shirts and jackets...
New Posts  All Forums: