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Thanks very much!
Cool. Would be great if you could let us know how they fit if you try on your normal Thavar size, and if you size down. Thanks! I'm just concerned that with our normal size, the waist might be a bit too loose and cause bunching at the crotch.
Audit30, did you get to try these on in store?
Diesel sizing can be a bit wonky sometimes. Much also depends on the individual wash. Buying online is always a risk, it's best to try the jeans on in a store.
This has been my mindset of late, too. And with newer stuff coming out all the time, we're definitely spoilt for choice.
It is very expensive for a chino.
I agree. Beautiful pair, I bought two!
I'm just waiting to see Karacho's full beard, lol!
888P is, to me, excellent. Love 'em.
I think that's totally uncalled for, man.
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