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It does look pretty good! If Diesel continues to produce unattractive washes like they're doing now, and for that kind of ridiculous money, I'm going to be spending my dough somewhere else.
Thanks for the fit pix, Baltimore. Looking great! And Quettingen put it really well - Diesel's prices are getting ridiculously high, and their jeans washes (at least) are seriously getting blah. There is nothing so far in the new collection that makes me go "wow". And I know I've said I'm waiting to see what all the new jeans in the main collection are like, but frankly I'm not holding too much hope that they'll be anything special. Even this season's shirts and jackets...
^^ It's a good basic pair, but nothing too special IMO. Welcome to the Forum.
Man, I recall that the S/S main collection was launched online around January 25 last year. Today's February 11, and still nary a squeak. Wonder what's up with that? Hope we get to see some new jeans real soon, in any case.
Lol I agree!
I agree 100%.
Go bad?
Sure, if you like Jogg jeans and the black glittery wash, why not? Go for it, mate!
Oh my, yes, they forgot the Spell Check. Lol!
It's Jogg, and for that price, no way.
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