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Oh man. With all due respect, they look pretty shite. What a let-down.
Nice shirt!
Looking good, Weenie!
Thanks so much for posting all these pictures, DieselBoy. I'm guessing these would be among the truest-to-life images of these jeans we've seen so far, barring the yellow store lighting. I'd very much like to see that new blue limited-edition Thavar... it looks pretty intriguing, crotch and rear-end holes or no. But I must say that, for me, Tepphar 830k is a big disappointment. After all the hype, it appears to look nothing like the jeans in the eBay pix in real life......
829b is a great wash.
Looking good!
It's a women's cut, mate - Getlegg.
I agree - I'd go with the Thavar. It looks more proportionate overall. But that's just my personal preference.
Hello Dominik, perhaps you let us know what some of these amazing jeans' washcodes are, if you can't take pictures. Many thanks!
That pretty much sums it up. I don't think we'd need numbers 2 and 4 though.
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