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Looking good, all. Brach - they fit you well. Keep.
I just wore mine yesterday. :) Great pair of jeans.
Thanks for the pictures and the review, much appreciated!
The Diesel Island campaign was great! "Diesel Island - The Least Fucked Up Country in the World". :)
If you size down, I'd imagine the base area of the footwear would be smaller... and your toes/heels then would already be walking on the pavement. Better to stick to your normal size.
Looking real good, Freerad. That's a great-looking pair of jeans.
Lol Aramis!
Guys, pretty much all the new S/S jeans have just been placed for sale on the Diesel Europe online store. Enjoy! :)
Sleenker 827Q is available on Cultizm... they ship really quickly, too.
Yes, like it can't decide what it wants to be. The gold glittery semi-tuxedo stripe just ruins the whole thing, in my opinion. Wash-wise, I guess it's nice if you're looking for a dirty grey-black pair? I dunno.
New Posts  All Forums: