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Buy the same size in Belther, do not size down. They are much tighter in the waist than Thavar, in my experience, and stretch very little.   The blue Belther 818V is available in W32 at Cultizm - it's on sale. Here is the link:   http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p4239_Diesel-Belther-0818V-Jeans-Medium-Blue.html
I know, right???
833Z isn't bad, but that 833D wash is hardcore, man! Hope it comes in other cuts too!
Ah, I think this might be a case where 830H is the wash, and 51F is the specific colour of the jean. It's the same with the 8QU wash, where each individual colour has a particular "code".
^ Strange, I thought this jean was Thavar 830H. It's listed as such on eBay.   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIESEL-THAVAR-0830H-STRETCH-830H-32-32-2014-15-SHIONER-THANAZ-TEPPHAR-/151314986801?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item233b137731
That's a great pair. Congratulations!
It's part of the main collection, so I'm guessing in about a month's time.
Haha, here goes:   Tepphar: Tep-har   Thavar: Tha-var   Shioner: She-own-er
Very nice fit.
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