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881W and 8YO.
Oh yes, they're different indeed. :)
Looks good!
8X2 denim is pretty thick - thicker than 816K denim. 8X2 is almost on a par with 888P. I don't own 830P so can't compare with that, sorry.
I think the marketing team is riding on their brand cachet. This outlook may not do much damage when it comes to long-time fans, because we are aware that Diesel has potential, but to a new visitor going to the online store and looking to buy the jeans... well, let's just say those pictures wouldn't be doing the brand any favours. And that would inevitably have an effect on the bottom-line.
I'd love to see the 833D wash in real life, though. It might look pretty cool.
Me too.
 Thanks for posting all these pix, DieselBoy! Please keep us posted if you find out if 833D will be available in a cut other than Safado. Thank you!
It could happen. ;)
Yes - my pick would be 888P, followed closely by 811P.
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