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It could happen. ;)
Yes - my pick would be 888P, followed closely by 811P.
Hear, hear! Although maybe they aren't meant to be an "old, distressed" pair, but one that was chewed up by one's pet dog, and subsequently repaired, lol.
I'm hard pressed to find something I like, too, and this was never an issue with past seasons' jeans. Where are Formichetti's paint-splattered pants at??
It isn't you, DC. They're totally weak.
Thanks for the info, DC!
Thanks for posting all these pix, DA! 830P is nice, but I think the blue tone is a little too similar to 816K, which I already have. Enjoy your new jeans! :)
Great news! Let us know how they fit. :)
M4tt, you might also want to consider Yarik. Might be a suitable cut, too.
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