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I'd say 833J is a more "steely", cooler shade of that blue. I believe 801C is a more vibrant blue.
In my experience, the thigh fit on Darron is pretty similar to that of Belther. If Belther in 28 x 30 fits you well, a Darron in the same size also should.
Hi there, have you tried Darron in 28 x 30? I find that Darron is the most similar to Belther, at least of the different cuts that I've tried.   I believe Shioner would be your best bet for an all-over streamlined silhouette.
Thanks for the notes, Ardenim. Looking good!
That is indeed a nice Tepphar.
It's from the Diesel webstore.   http://store.diesel.com/gb/leather-jackets_cod41492696vd.html
Yes, you can size down one. Thavar 807V runs large.
The denim does indeed look pretty thin, and might well stretch out with use. I guess better to size down.
Actually, I must confess that I like "boardy" jeans. They look more "crunchy", and are also easier to stack. But that's just my opinion. ;)
There's nothing wrong with them. Just keep wearing them, and they'll get soft again with use and time.
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