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I think 602S goes best with really dark colours. Try them with a black shirt and boots?
I have to agree. The Zaf 796 contrast denim wasn't even on the whole of the back pockets, just half - and imagine what the entire back of the jeans being different from the front would look like. Well, only for the brave. :)
They just look very faddish, and will be outdated very quickly. I don't think anyone will wear them more than a few times before they are left on the shelf in favour of other pairs, which will be a real waste as they are pretty expensive. Best to spend that kind of money on another, more "regular" pair.
Yeah man, hate to say it, but those studs just make the jacket tacky and faddish.
DDG, especially 100% cotton, fits tight in the crotch and thighs. Definitely size up.
I like 830J, good-looking jean.
^ Looking good!
I actually had a few pairs of G-Star jeans before, but turned to Diesel and haven't looked back since. The quality of G-Star jeans is pretty shite, buttons and rivets started popping out from my new pairs! Never again.
Love the APCs!
Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed reading this.
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