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can i have the name of this dior jeans?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/750-DIOR-HOMME-OH31J1081602-JEANS-F17-5-M-ITALY-W33-34-/141045300368?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&var=440165652330&hash=item20d6f47c90  it look nice
which one to chose, both look nice. fly by night  http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx?#getData.aspx|CallType=Product&prodId=06V55&des=4HH&cat=&gender=men&group=&vendorColor=OTAw&season=actual&seasProdID=57I   and  heavy sea   http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx?#getData.aspx|CallType=Product&prodId=06V53&des=4HH&cat=&gender=men&group=&vendorColor=NTQw&season=actual&seasProdID=57I
marcus, that light blue jeans from saint laurent look great, not feelin so many of them but if i should get one it would be the ligth one, it got that vintage look.
i think they look good on you even if it stretch it ll look nice, it´s relax fit. 
aigth, i can't find the cadet on luisiaviaroma or farfetch.
thanks, i order a blue used(lawmark) since it´s classic blue, but how much the cadet cost? i saw one on farfetch with this reference 003D000TX034. and how the cadet fit? i migth buy it since it´s between that and the black used (clawmark).
cadet, how work a day look? very dirty or it's kinda look like rack rail? i was thinking to get it but the pic on luisiaviaroma don't look great.
thanks for that niico, but they are classique dior :-)
aigth, i saw , it´s the samme colour like that clawmark u have, did u order life brush dior ? i think that u are one sick collection of dior buddy!
that one u have is raw denim, buy raw denim and wear them all time. but to make it easy for u, buy a dior blue used washed ( clawmark), it's classic dior like we french people says, u can wear it with everything, it's not dirty or special washed of dior just a classic blue wash and the best u can find . see that one jeanitic have,
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