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paris is an extremely stylish city. its one of the most extreme fashionable cities in the world. and also one of the best.
not a fan of clawmarks either. does anybody have pics or websites leading to the newer S/S 12 dior washes?   and feb/march is going to be a huge shipping month for clothing stores. they are getting all the s/s 12 stuff in. only the better quality ones :)
any front shots?
there is one at the granville train station. just walk in from granville and burrard. its there. small store.
i have a pair of 8NE larkee 30" and no hemming either sitting at 30" length original. im 5'9". so right now that im more into fashion and know the actual fit and pair i wear/knowing what to wear. im going to taper them knee opening .5" less. but with chain stitching right?   edit : also how do u create the sandblast lines? cuz theres one half stroke on the quad part lines i need to do to make it perfectly even.
i have those jeans. the billy super QT?   and did u hem urs? cuz i hemmed mine. i was beginning to think that was a mistake as it kinda does sit awkwardly in terms of stacking. i was also beginning to think to taper them cuz im not a fan of boot cuts anymore but maybe i should not as it would be my only and last bootcut jeans i would still wear.  
i tried my 886B i had to size up. my standard straight leg is 30. as i work out 3-4 times a week to the gym so my legs are big. actually cut with muscles not the thick kind lol.   when i tried 30 i couldnt fit it all the way through my legs as it was too tight. sized up perfect but the only draw back is the waist is a bit loose. but going to keep it low rise w/ belt anyways its for spring/summer.   hope the waist doesnt scretch much at all.
this title says diesel.
can i see some Thavar 886B fits?
i saw them today in vancouver at LEONE. price tag was $755 cdn . just lol so insanely expensive for a pair of sneakers....but absolutely gorgeous!
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