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jeanetic how old are u? because im like 25 right now and i just FOUND my clothing style. ditching all flashy crap. going for casual, subtle but with a tiny bit of flash nowadays.
lol at TR. i used to like them now i bloody hate them. too flashy.
lucky its not a 30 or i would have to shoot myself at the price.   fucking unbelievably nice s/s jeans. god damn!
jesus fucking christ. i need a pair of 19cm 30 or 31 of ink me   FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!   i just noticed. the ink me only comes in 17cm verison?
does anybody know what the names of those diors?      
i know this isnt the best place but i dont know where to ask for diesel short sleeved button down shirts. but im desperately looking for one black one that released in s/s 10. i think or possibly s/s 09.   it was a military style with zips. without the lame pocket ones that s/s 12 has. in fact it had one pocket i think and better looking.   where can i find those older models?
they look like those 21cm cuts.
this thread needs to be updated! hows everybodys raw coming along now?
thats exactly why i want to sell them. its too loud/flashy.   i like going for subtle, simple but with a tiny bit of flash.
paris is an extremely stylish city. its one of the most extreme fashionable cities in the world. and also one of the best.
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