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u should post it again with u wearing but this time with natural light.
umc 07 it depends on condition and the seller. i dont know   but he also has come as u are or something, those are much better than umc.
one things for sure. beckham dresses better than u do.   ure all about name and trends. u really have no unique fashion taste of ur own.   and ur opinion went completely invalid by saying sneakers are trash./   and those shoes u wore. much $Hittier than a pair of crappy nike sneakers, its that bad.
so thats why i didnt see a damn pair when i went and bought thavar 886B.    
it would be alot easier if dior just put the type of cut on the silk label tag or somewhere around that spot. putting it under the coin pocket is just stupid imo.
19cm? u got some pics?
  same here. i found my style probably around september of 2011 lol.   so much trial and error just trying new things for 5 damn years, i cant believe i liked TR, the gaundy flashy crap especially graphic design tees. what was i thinking? lol. so glad thats over.    
thavar 8x2 31x32 is next on my list.\   i have the larkee 8nE....big mistake from last year. shouldve went with thavar but now i gotta hem that shit -_-.
jeanetic. what u said really scares me. cuz what if i order the wrong size 19cm cut feels like 17.5?   i do not want 17.5 cut at all. only 19cm. because i got muscular legs. but the measurements u said is quite different....i would like to have straight thighs like 21cm cut but low rise tapered. which is exactly the 19cm cut.   fuck. im currently searching for a 19cm of ink me in 30 really badly.   one other thing how can u tell what cut ur dior jeans have? i...
damn if u have like 30 pairs u couldve saved them up for some dior homme. they are way better.
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